Sunday, December 16, 2007

Whypark Review Day 100 - Final Stats and Thoughts

About three months ago I started up a test domain on Whypark to try it out. Today will be the last day for my site on Whypark as I will be moving my blog onto the domain. I made a list of all the Whypark posts I made for easy reading:Over all this is a nice program for those people who have some domain names that do not receive any hits while their domain is parked at sites like GoDaddy, NameDrive, Sedo etc. The reason is that Whypark will get your site indexed in Google, and other search engines. Parked domains usually will not get your sites indexed. If your sites already get type in traffic without the use of SEO then you will be better off developing the site or keeping it on the its domain parking host.

Overall Traffic Details during the complete Trial period from September to Current

The first few weeks after the articles in my Whypark site got indexed I was ranking very well for the keywords listed. I also got quite a bit of traffic from Google from the SEO on 2000+ pages. I did notice however that after 2 months the articles started disappearing from its index. In November the indexed pages were down to about 1,500. If you notice for December I started receiving little to no traffic as I currently have only 400 pages indexed with none of them ranking for keywords in the finance niche. This was the running stats with no articles published to push the keyword rankings higher. (I assumed people would want a domain stat tracking that for sites with little to extra work was needed).

Note that the finance niche has plenty of competition, so sites like Whypark will do better if you target less competitive keywords. My site got lumped into high authority sites like CNN Money, Wall Street Journal, and Business Weekly. Also every bank, investor, and stock guide so it is important that you do some keyword research first before jumping in.

Adsense revenue earned during the 3 months totaled out at a break even $5.50. If I had 100 such sites, and this was the average payout I would have netted $450, after paying for the $99 needed to buy the Whypark credits. If you have more than 100 domains I would try it out for 3 months, and then after your sites are done move them back to your previous domain park service, and move your other untrafficked domains into Whypark since your credits are not tied to a domain.


Whypark won't bring you thousands of dollars. Then again domain parking doesn't either for sites that do not get any type in traffic. If you do have sites that are aging with little to no traffic though I do recommend this. It will let you recover at least the cost of the domain name registration fees. When you do setup your sites; do some keyword research first. Do write some articles to give your keyword niche an extra boost in the search rankings. That about wraps it up. Since I still have a Whypark account I'll be running another test on another domain once I move this blog to Wordpress. As always thank you for stopping by.

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Gerri said...

I have been using sedo and namedrive but I think I could do better with them. I might give this service a go. thanks for that.