Monday, December 10, 2007

Lets Pay Scrapers More - Making Money Online Blogs Just Moved to You Tube

We all know that people copy videos, and then upload them to You Tube. Why? So they can put a link to their site for some of the traffic. While they(Google) have tried to keep this down to a minimum, it still occurs on a massive level. The last Mr T commercial for example has 400 of them. When a popular video is released, people download them, and then upload them to You Tube to get some hits. While this is great in making some video advertising viral. It does mean it gets abuse with people ripping off other peoples work. Now the people who upload someone else's content will get paid even more.

Anyways guess what You Tube just announced a partner program that will let You Tube users get paid for people watching their videos. They haven't yet released how this was going to happen yet though the TechCrunch article seems to mention adsense ads from the You Tube site. I think they will start making the embedded videos more like the video adsense ads or the Metacafe videos that pop up ads in the actual screen even for embedded ones.

What's the criteria for joining the program?

You create original videos suitable for online streaming.
You own the copyrights and distribution rights for all audio and video content that you upload -- no exceptions.
You regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users.
You live in the United States or Canada.

Who will this benefit? Video bloggers who already get thousands of hits to their video blogs. Chris Crocker anyone? The people who sneak in camcorders to the movie theaters, especially for hits like the Star Wars trailors.

What is this going to do to the overcrowded making money online blogs? I think we're going to stop seeing wall of text niche keyword posts, and more video posts like Pam on Shoemoney. Videos while they don't have a lot of SEO power, will be a lot harder to scrape. Scraper sites that take just the videos, won't get any keywords from them to get money from adsense either.

What else are we going to see even more now? A major abuse of social networking like Digg, Stumble etc to just get the hit counters up. Don't we already see this now for sites like Metacafe? Yes we do. Is it going to get a lot worse from here on out if Google doesn't be careful? Definitely. Now excuse me while I go sign up to this, and buy a camcorder from Amazon.


Your Wedding Coach said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm Really interesting take!

Harry Beanbag said...

Instead of ships and jewels they are after pirates are now grabbing bandwidth, content and making money off it. Nice article

Rudy said...

Video blogging is actually a lot more work for some of us (read geeks). Can you really sit down and watch a fat bearded horned rimmed glasses guy droning for 5 minutes about websites?

Or would you rather want someone like Pam on Shoemoney talking?


- Mitch - said...

@Harry - The thought of pirates on videos blogging just went through my head.

@Rudy - Yea I guess not all of us are lucky enough to be above average looking. (myself included) heh.

Susan Parr said...

Videos would be a great way to generate some online income, not just with Youtube. There are actually a few places online paying you for uploading your own videos. I'm too camera shy! Not my thing.
I'm already using Adsense Youtube videos on some of my blogs and social networking communities. If you don't see the Youtube icon in your back office, it isn't available in your country yet. But should be soon.