Friday, October 26, 2007

Whypark Review Day 45 - Sluggish Month So Far

Today is about a month and a half after Google indexed my Whypark site. Here's easy links to the previous posts:

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According to Google's Webmaster tools I have about 1500 pages indexed. Traffic to the site this month has been relatively slow, about 1 visitor/day at the moment. Overall from the site itself I've made a little less than $5.00 so far from Adsense. It did help a little bit that I added an Adsense Video as part of a Business news video page. It makes having the plain article site have a little more color, esp. I've been thinking instead of just the video page link, that none of the visitors seem to notice, I should just add the video unit to all article pages. I have a lot to learn about ad placement still.

Lately there seems to be more, and more templates that are similar to Whypark. However the downside to them is that you have to have a host company which usually incurs a monthly fee. Whypark hosts your domain for you for free.

I plan on continuing this Whypark trial for a full year, so visit back if you are having doubts about paying the $100 one time charge for the service. While $100 dollars is a lot of money, you have to realize that it is for 100 domains that is hosted for free. Also if you notice, I've already made roughly $5.00 in 45 days from just one domain that is less than 3 months old. If you have many domains that get little to no traffic now you should try out Whypark(disclosure: affiliate link).