Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Will Widget Bucks Replace Adsense?

Well I'm always for trying new things, but I am always skeptical about new things. So when I first heard about Widget Bucks I was very weary. I waited a few weeks to see how other people who have tried it. The reports are varied, but someone noted they made about $500 in a day, while other people who have 10k hits/day only made 22 cents. It depends on the type of site that you have (ie auction, book, gadget etc). There seem to be quit alot of people happy with the payout amount compared to Adsense.

My blog most likely won't get too many clicks since there is nothing in the Widget Buck list that has anything to do with making money online or with World of Warcraft, but I'll try it anyways. Also since this is a new advertising method there is so far no proof of payments yet. I'll be trolling the threads about more news regarding Widget BucksHowever the good news is if you sign up now you get $25 added to your account which is halfway till the first payout. If your interested feel free to click my referral link:

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!


cheznaz said...

Hey Mitch! Thanks for the referral to widget bucket!

- Mitch - said...

No problem, thanks for signing up. Stop by later to let me know how its working for you.