Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cashcrate Revisited - Getting Paid Again

About a month ago I wrote up a review on CashCrate, and followed it up with a payout report a few days later. Well I'm pleased to announce that I was finally able to reach payout again this month. Due to soo many people going on vacation at my full time job, I've had to scale back the time for doing alot of these offers so when CashCrate sends me a check next month it won't be as large. This month will only be about $10.60 so far, bring my CashCrate total to $30.65 so far.

I have to be honest though I wasn't intending on completing any offers this month due to work load, but as I had received an e-mail from CashCrate notifying me that one of my referrals had reached payout. Thus entitling me to a $3.00 bonus, along with earning 20% of their earnings. So when I logged into my account I already had $5.00+ sitting there without me doing a thing($3.00 bonus + 20% of $10 = $5.00). Well this made it really easy to do a few offers to get that extra $5.00, and whammo here I am with another payout post.

How does CashCrate's referrals work?
The program has a 2 tier approach meaning you can refer/invite someone, and if your referral receives a referral of their own, you still get paid.

How much do I get paid for each referral?
You earn an additional 20% off of each of your referral's non-pending earnings.
You also receive an additional 10% of your second level referral's earnings as well.
You receive $3.00 when your referral reaches $10 (payout).

Is there a limit to referrals?
No, I've seen people who report to make over $1000/month from Cashcrate with referrals alone. I unfortunately am not one of those yet. (I can be optimistic right?)

Alright I've joined Cashcrate, how can I better chances of offers going through?
If you've already joined CashCrate, and you're looking for good tips on how to get offers to go through I recommend reading Amy Bass's writeup here. In addition to the tips she posted, I strongly recommend going to the CashCrate forum where other members post about which offers confirmed for earnings. You have a much better chance of earning money quickly if you watch this thread, and look for those exact offers by name.

Note: Now being realistic here, while I enjoy making money online. I don't want to make money as a result of someone else's hardship. (this is one reason why you don't see me pushing Survey Scout or similar programs on my blog). While reading through the CashCrate forums there are many people who complain of getting billed for Trial Offers. This is why I don't recommend doing the trial offers or products on Cashcrate, unless you fully read the terms & conditions of each offer carefully. For example one of their offers requires a cell phone number that you need to reply back with a pin to activate. If you don't read the offer carefully a month later you will get billed for a $10 subscription later on if you don't cancel it. Please be careful when signing up for each of the offers. I personally stick with the 100% free offers which only send spam e-mail to my newly created free Hotmail accounts.

My thanks goes out to the readers who signed up under me, and made money online for both of us! Good Luck & Happy earnings to everyone! If you're interested in signing up for a free CashCrate account join by clicking on the banner below.