Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Income Totals - Happy Halloween

Well first off I would like to say Happy Halloween to all of you. May you have a safe Trick or Treating. Without much further ado here are my totals for the month of October, and I think I did a little bit better this month. Which by the way marks Money News's 2 month Anniversary.

October Totals - $199.29
Sparter - $133.65
ClickBank - $49.32
CashCrate - $11.38
Adsense - $4.94 (blog/Whypark test combined)

Well I guess I did a lot better than last month, but I didn't hit my goal of 20k gold like I was planning to. Mainly due to lack of diligence since I was tired after coming home from my job, and not logging into WoW to check the Auction House. I was only able to hit 14k gold before I decided to sell some off before the commission rates jumped in November. Also to get some extra spending money since Sparter will start paying out bi-monthly instead of nightly starting November. It looks like that there are many people cashing out now as the prices for WoW gold has dropped another $10/1k to $40/1k now.

My Adsense figures only show the totals of this blog due to Google's channel reports being screwed up mid month right when I had a spike of visitors from Slashdot about the Bill Gates Denied Visa to Nigeria article.

I'll be expecting my November totals to be lower however since I'll be taking a vacation for a few weeks. Yes, I'll be leaving my beautiful island of Maui to visit some friends out in Texas, and then onto Mexico. Anyone live down on Cozumel that I can come visit while I'm down there? Maybe hijack your computer so I can check my e-mail? Maybe install WoW so I can check my auctions? =)

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henry said...

seems like adsense doesn't perform much, ClickBank which has lots of scam-like products, on the other hand, brings 10x more... perhaps I should start selling ClickBank products *sigh*... thx for the info :)

- Mitch - said...

Yes, I need to increase my visitors here to get more out of Adsense I believe. Clickbank does have many scam like products, and I've seen Clickbank products that make you buy other products. There are a few good ones though. However searching through the spam and scam takes a little bit.