Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Home Sweet Home

I've moved to so please update your book marks. Those of you on my feed subscriptions will not need to change anything as I've already redirected you via Feedburner. Blogger's been nice to me, but a nice home awaits so I'll see you all there.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

New Site is Almost Up - I Already Hate GoDaddy

Well the new blog site is coming up, and it was a little bit of a headache to import all the posts over. I'll be spending the next few days rearranging things, fixing the spacing, minor coding, and adding back more widgets onto the blog. I'm wondering if I should just redirect everyone to that one now or later. I still have a few more plugins I need to install yet though, and I'll list everything I put onto the blog so you guys can flame/advise me on what else would be good for the site.

As for why GoDaddy is giving me headaches already is from the Wordpress import feature. Apparently when I try to import from my domain it times out trying to connect to, which was due to not having SSL or some sort of thing. So the roundabout fix was to import everything over to, and then port that into

Also trying to find an easy way to add some 125 x 125 ad slots onto the sidebar of the new home. Any have some ideas for that one? Anyways, if you haven't already checked out the theme I picked out, go check out my future home, and let me know what you guys think. I found the theme over at Brian Gardner's site, and the footer section I lopped off for now to fix later, but I'll need to add it in to give credit to him. Anyways, back to fixing up some blog posts for me.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Microsoft Complaining About Google's Monopoly

Techcrunch had already posted an article about Google, and Doubleclick merging a few days ago. Normally I wouldn't post about stuff like that, but I came across an interesting response on Slashdot regarding it. Apparently the former Monopoly wannabe Microsoft is complaining about Google's monopolization in the advertising sector. That post can be found here on Google Watch, along with the pdf files that the NY Times released which had a 'confidential' tag written across each page. I'm not sure about you guys, but those diagrams have as much meaning to me as the Chewbacca diagram in the South Park episode. It just doesn't make any sense.

I guess its something that we've been expecting for a while, and it made me remember a post Ritu had about Google not lasting forever. So does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or are you all laughing to yourselves as the two monopoly giants collide.

Google Logo VS Borgsoft Logo

Round 1 Fight!!

[Queue Monopoly Kombat music here]

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Entrecard Contest Finale - Link Lovin - Link Bait Stats

I think the Entrecard Contest turned out pretty well. Lets see what's happened. There a total of 90 entries from 24 different people. 14 new subscribers, though how many will stay I'm not sure of, and about 6 extra back links. Pretty swell link bait results for throwing a contest with free credits if I must say so myself. I think I should have done this AFTER I move to the new domain. Oh well it was a learning experience for me as it was the first contest this blog offered. When I do run a contest after the domain switch I'll run it with a cash prize so that people who aren't Entrecard users will be able to participate as well.

From the looks of the entries though most people didn't come back to comment about dropping their cards for more daily entries. I would have expected more of those participants than the ones who subscribed to the rss or e-mail. Also it seems like I still get around 50-60 card drops daily from Entrecard users. Of which only a small margin actually stopped to read the post about the Entrecard contest.

As promised here are the contestants that participated through out:

1 @ Movie Cat
5 @ Colin King Marketing
1 @ OpportunitySeeker
4 @ Masters of Seo
1 @ Mike Blogging Ads
3 @ Alan Broken Red Line
2 @ Nick Throlson
5 @ Reno Cyber Street Report
3 @ Erz Blog Paradise
6 @ My Blog Contest
1 @ Swan Premiere Software Reviews
5 @ Artur Kim Word Press Themes Gallery
5 @ Abhijeet Life is Colorful
5 @ Bird on a Wire
5 @ Michael Slightly Mordant
3 @ 30 Day Man
6 @ Allen Silkenhut's World
6 @ Egon Contest U
3 @ Ruchir TechnoMoney
1 @ Jamaipanese
6 @ mc2w is me Whatever I feel Like Bloging About
6 @ contest master Contest Time
1 @ katie Divinely Crafty
6 @ blog contest blog Expert Boss

Our 3 winners are

Third place with a roll of #11:
Masters of Seo winning 50 credits

Second place with a roll of 7:
Opportunity Seeker winning 100 credits

And last of all the winner of the Christmas Entrecard giveaway prize of 250 credits is:
Egon of Contest U

Grats to all 3 of you, and credits will be sent to you shortly after this post is completed. Thank you all, and have a safe Holiday today.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Only 11 More Hours to Join The Party

First off, I just want to thank the people who've took the time to sign up for this contest. With everyones entries I was able to find some interesting blogs out there. As you already know, the contest entries will be closing as of midnight tonight (Monday Dec 24th). So this is your last chance to take part. If you haven't already go to the contest post, and claim your entries. Please do note that I check for the Entrecard widgets to be displayed on your blog as part of the entry. Anyways its been a wonderful ride so far, and I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for riding with me.

Now onto today's winner out of the 84 entries listed.

With a roll of 61 that points us to Allen @ Silkenhut's World. Allen please verify that you have received your credits.

Good luck to everyone for tomorrow's contest drawings.

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