Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Income Totals - Happy Halloween

Well first off I would like to say Happy Halloween to all of you. May you have a safe Trick or Treating. Without much further ado here are my totals for the month of October, and I think I did a little bit better this month. Which by the way marks Money News's 2 month Anniversary.

October Totals - $199.29
Sparter - $133.65
ClickBank - $49.32
CashCrate - $11.38
Adsense - $4.94 (blog/Whypark test combined)

Well I guess I did a lot better than last month, but I didn't hit my goal of 20k gold like I was planning to. Mainly due to lack of diligence since I was tired after coming home from my job, and not logging into WoW to check the Auction House. I was only able to hit 14k gold before I decided to sell some off before the commission rates jumped in November. Also to get some extra spending money since Sparter will start paying out bi-monthly instead of nightly starting November. It looks like that there are many people cashing out now as the prices for WoW gold has dropped another $10/1k to $40/1k now.

My Adsense figures only show the totals of this blog due to Google's channel reports being screwed up mid month right when I had a spike of visitors from Slashdot about the Bill Gates Denied Visa to Nigeria article.

I'll be expecting my November totals to be lower however since I'll be taking a vacation for a few weeks. Yes, I'll be leaving my beautiful island of Maui to visit some friends out in Texas, and then onto Mexico. Anyone live down on Cozumel that I can come visit while I'm down there? Maybe hijack your computer so I can check my e-mail? Maybe install WoW so I can check my auctions? =)

Also why don't you subscribe to my feed so that you'll know when I post after my trip.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Show Me the Moola - Play Free Games For Cash

Of all the things I didn't need to get addicted to. I really didn't need another browser game to play. Now I'm sitting here writing a post about the game , and waiting to hear the ding of the opponent ready chime. What is this semi-addicting cash game I'm toting about? Its called Moola. With a giant tower of prize money reminiscent of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Grand Prize is roughly $10,000,000, and is free to play.

The game is currently in its beta form with the only way to play is to get an invite. Invites are easy enough to get though as you can go to the Moola forums, and request an invite. Members can also refer a limited amount of people over a period of time. I was going to release more information about the game here, but reading their terms and conditions I found that I may not do so. So you'll just have to take my word for it about how addicting the game is. =)

If you would like to receive an invite to Moola you can follow the link below. Also if you do sign up under me, and would like me to post your referral link below mine in this thread please leave me a comment with your referral link. This way if I run out of invites you can get yourself a free referral. =)

Note: This offer is good for people in United States & Canada only.

Invitation to Moola

My only current recommendation to those of you who do place this referral link on their site is to also use the rel="nofollow" in your referral link.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My CashCrate Check Arrived - And My Camera Broke

It seems like lately every time I have good news, I also have bad news to share. I should rename my blog the yin/yang effect or something. Anyways my first check from CashCrate has just arrived so I WAS going to take a picture of it. Until I found out that my camera no longer works. So I'm sending a picture that I took from my camera phone, which btw is also on its last leg.

I'll just be borrowing the camera from work to take a full size picture of the check next time. The total check amount was for 20.25, which was about the same as the total on my September Earnings. I guess this will going towards my buying another @%!% camera fund. Anyways if your new to CashCrate, you can check out my other CashCrate review posts.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Whypark Page Rank Update - PR3 In 2 Months

Go figure, I post an update about my Whypark site, and Google decides to update page ranks today as well. The Whypark test site I'm using made PR3, and comparison my blog only hit PR2. I personally don't care either way, but many ad networks only work with sites with a minimum page rank value still so have a parked domain with page rank just means more revenue options.

In my previous post I also mentioned that I was only getting about 1 visitor a month to the Whypark site. This just goes to show you that page rank value has no value or connection to actual website traffic.

Whypark Review Day 45 - Sluggish Month So Far

Today is about a month and a half after Google indexed my Whypark site. Here's easy links to the previous posts:

Whypark Review & Trial Day 1
Whypark Review Day 15
Whypark Review Day 19
Whypark Review Day 30

According to Google's Webmaster tools I have about 1500 pages indexed. Traffic to the site this month has been relatively slow, about 1 visitor/day at the moment. Overall from the site itself I've made a little less than $5.00 so far from Adsense. It did help a little bit that I added an Adsense Video as part of a Business news video page. It makes having the plain article site have a little more color, esp. I've been thinking instead of just the video page link, that none of the visitors seem to notice, I should just add the video unit to all article pages. I have a lot to learn about ad placement still.

Lately there seems to be more, and more templates that are similar to Whypark. However the downside to them is that you have to have a host company which usually incurs a monthly fee. Whypark hosts your domain for you for free.

I plan on continuing this Whypark trial for a full year, so visit back if you are having doubts about paying the $100 one time charge for the service. While $100 dollars is a lot of money, you have to realize that it is for 100 domains that is hosted for free. Also if you notice, I've already made roughly $5.00 in 45 days from just one domain that is less than 3 months old. If you have many domains that get little to no traffic now you should try out Whypark(disclosure: affiliate link).

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Need Blog Traffic? Heres 15 Free Tips to Get It

While Content is still king when it comes to getting traffic. If you don't tell anyone about your content no one will ever find out to spread the word about it. It is a not so little known secret that bringing in traffic ultimately results in readers, and sales. So these are a few methods that I am using or plan to use for my site to get more traffic.

  1. Submit to Search Engines - Its free, and it can bring in a hefty amount of traffic. Google & Yahoo are two major ones, if your site isn't indexed submit to them here and here. The best thing about search engine traffic is that it is targeted traffic, meaning the people who come from this method is looking for what you got to read, show or sell. Optimize your site for these search engines by using your keywords
  2. Submit to Directories - While a good directory can send you traffic, getting links via this method builds up your backlinks, which eventually push up your rankings in searches. Higher ranking in searches means more traffic for you. If you are looking for a list of free directories, I found a good one that doesn't charge here.
  3. Are you a blogger? Submit to blog directories - Tip#2 is good for business websites, but there are directories made just for blogs. The only downside to this one is that many require reciprocal link backs. I've submitted myself to the directories listed listed down at the bottom part of my page. While its not big traffic, it is some traffic which is better than no traffic.
  4. Join a community - There are many different types of communities out there, and some of the more famous communities are Myspace or Facebook. Lately I've been getting a lot of hits from blogcatalog. I see quite a few people joining MyBlogLog, though not as many as before. One thing to note though is that even if you join a community you have to do something in it. Add comments, join discussions, give good advice or reviews. It all adds up, and you end up with someone liking your advice, which goes to your profile, and someday becomes a reader/customer.
  5. Social Bookmarking - Digg, StumbleUpon, Technorati,, Furl, News Vine. These are a few of many great places to generate hits, and fast. Places like Digg can generate plenty amounts if traffic if you get on the first page, but all of that traffic usually doesn't stay. You'll need great content to make them readers and/or customers.
  6. Make it Relevant - Its good to join communities or get bookmarked, but check where you are posting in, and what you are posting about. People discussing pet grooming won't usually be interested in your site about new drivers for Linux.
  7. A picture is worth a thousand words - Overlooked by many this method is great for attracting new visitors. This works especially well when used correctly with Stumble Upon or Digg. Search engines also pick these up, how many times have you done a Google image search, and then landed on someones page to see if there are more images on that site that are relevant to what you were looking for?
  8. RSS - Syndicate, and promote your feeds. What is RSS? In Web 2.0 its stands for really simple syndication. What's it do? It lets people read your content via an rss reader or an aggregator. What can I do with my feeds? Your feeds can be used as a site-map for Google in their webmaster tools to make sure they crawl it often. You can submit your feeds to different feed submission sites to get your posts better exposure. You can send people your most recent news if they sign to your feeds via e-mail. I personally use Feedburner to help with adding social bookmarking tags along with the feeds.
  9. Article Marketing - Article marketing is a powerful way to bring traffic to you. Write howtos, or reviews, or even write up opinions on current trends. What happens is that you build credibility in your field. You also receive nice back links from authority sites about the topic. If you have a new website, these articles from publications will show higher up in the search engines rankings letting you get more traffic from them too.
  10. Track Backs - For bloggers or news sites. These are a great way to find out who is linking to you, while at the same time creating a link back for the person who posted about you. Wordpress bloggers have this built in, while those of us who use Blogger have backlinks(which require both you and the person posting about you to be indexed by Google) Blogger users however don't have a way to notify non-blogger users about posts automatically so we have to use products like Haloscan. Andy Beard had a nice explanation of it here.
  11. Blog commenting - This method has become prone to plenty of spam, however it is still a good way to build long term traffic. Provided that your comment is useful, informative, or adds to the conversation, people will usually click on you or the link you provide in your comment to find out more. It also provides another link back to your site to help with your search engine rankings too. Rule #6 applies here as well. Don't comment about irrelevant things as the comment will most likely be removed as spam.
  12. Instructional Topics - People are always looking for ways to do things. Use this as a means bring people to your site. Teach your audience something useful, and they will come back to see if you have anything else to learn.
  13. Review Past Topics - This lets your readers go through another page on your site, which is another chance for them to find something interesting on your web page. If you do this regularly you let your reader easily access other pages that they may have overlooked, or weren't planning on visiting before.
  14. Link Bait - People are always looking for freebies, whether its cash, prizes, coupons or even a review. Throw a contest with a prize, and then ask people to help you promote it. There are sites/blogs that promote other people's contests. Use them means as a way to bring people to your site. Oh did I mention that its a nice way to get more links to your site?
  15. Its all about Content - Content is what makes a visitor come back to to your site, it makes a visitor talk about your site, it makes a visitor want to share your site to other people. People link back to useful information if it is good information regardless of how old the content is. If you think you have the content, share it via tip #4, 5, 9 and 11.
  16. Entrecard - I posted about it here, and so far its brought in quite a few visitors. Its a great way to start showing your blog around to people. Sign up for Entrecard here.
Building good web traffic takes time, so take the time to build good links.

Some people opt to go with paid traffic to bring in thousands of visits. This type of traffic isn't very useful for most people, and many times can get you penalized in programs like Adsense.

I'm sure there are countless other ways to bring traffic to each person's site. If you have one that isn't listed here please comment, and let me know. If you find this post useful please feel free to repost it, but please do link back if you decide to use it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cashcrate Revisited - Getting Paid Again

About a month ago I wrote up a review on CashCrate, and followed it up with a payout report a few days later. Well I'm pleased to announce that I was finally able to reach payout again this month. Due to soo many people going on vacation at my full time job, I've had to scale back the time for doing alot of these offers so when CashCrate sends me a check next month it won't be as large. This month will only be about $10.60 so far, bring my CashCrate total to $30.65 so far.

I have to be honest though I wasn't intending on completing any offers this month due to work load, but as I had received an e-mail from CashCrate notifying me that one of my referrals had reached payout. Thus entitling me to a $3.00 bonus, along with earning 20% of their earnings. So when I logged into my account I already had $5.00+ sitting there without me doing a thing($3.00 bonus + 20% of $10 = $5.00). Well this made it really easy to do a few offers to get that extra $5.00, and whammo here I am with another payout post.

How does CashCrate's referrals work?
The program has a 2 tier approach meaning you can refer/invite someone, and if your referral receives a referral of their own, you still get paid.

How much do I get paid for each referral?
You earn an additional 20% off of each of your referral's non-pending earnings.
You also receive an additional 10% of your second level referral's earnings as well.
You receive $3.00 when your referral reaches $10 (payout).

Is there a limit to referrals?
No, I've seen people who report to make over $1000/month from Cashcrate with referrals alone. I unfortunately am not one of those yet. (I can be optimistic right?)

Alright I've joined Cashcrate, how can I better chances of offers going through?
If you've already joined CashCrate, and you're looking for good tips on how to get offers to go through I recommend reading Amy Bass's writeup here. In addition to the tips she posted, I strongly recommend going to the CashCrate forum where other members post about which offers confirmed for earnings. You have a much better chance of earning money quickly if you watch this thread, and look for those exact offers by name.

Note: Now being realistic here, while I enjoy making money online. I don't want to make money as a result of someone else's hardship. (this is one reason why you don't see me pushing Survey Scout or similar programs on my blog). While reading through the CashCrate forums there are many people who complain of getting billed for Trial Offers. This is why I don't recommend doing the trial offers or products on Cashcrate, unless you fully read the terms & conditions of each offer carefully. For example one of their offers requires a cell phone number that you need to reply back with a pin to activate. If you don't read the offer carefully a month later you will get billed for a $10 subscription later on if you don't cancel it. Please be careful when signing up for each of the offers. I personally stick with the 100% free offers which only send spam e-mail to my newly created free Hotmail accounts.

My thanks goes out to the readers who signed up under me, and made money online for both of us! Good Luck & Happy earnings to everyone! If you're interested in signing up for a free CashCrate account join by clicking on the banner below.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yieldbuild to Help Adsense Users Increase Their Earnings

Techcrunch recently posted an article about a new program that is still in beta called YieldBuild. What is it exactly? Its a computer algorithm to "automatically optimize your site’s ad spots with the most profitable combination of ad layout, style, and network". Also the program isn't just for Adsense users, but includes people who advertise via Yahoo Publisher Network, and Ebay adContext accounts as well.

How does this relate to me making money online? Basically its the lazy man's advertising network, and needless to say an idea that I absolutely love. This program itself would give bloggers or other webmasters, who are still new to advertising placements, the ability to monetize their sites better. It also allows webmasters who don't update their layouts often a little change of scenery in ad placements. The idea is that as your readers get used to your ad placements, your ad revenue goes down as they learn to skip over your ads without reading them anymore. With changing of placements they claim to be able to increase your epm by 50-100%(this percentage based on beta trials at Hubpages).

One concern of mine which I did leave a comment about was the part of faq that states that it takes the YieldBuild algorithm about 100,000 impressions to train it. That is an awful lot of page impressions for many webmasters, especially new ones like mine.

Now whats the catch of this program? I'll tell you now. "YieldBuild is free to try for 30 days. After 30 days, YieldBuild’s share is 3% of impressions. You can stop at any time." If you are interested in participating in the beta program go ahead, and visit their website Let me know what you think about it if you do use it so we can get some feedback about their product.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bye Bye BlogRush - No Hits For You

So after accumulating a bit of credits on Blogrush, and only getting maybe 2 hits in return I'll be taking down the widget shortly. I even made them a complementary going away present with my 2nd grade MS paint skills.

Here's the latest word about Blogrush's update from the Blogrush Blog:

UPDATE: Tuesday, October 16th: We’re experiencing a delay with some minor server issues. We are working on them and will start releasing Phase 2 piece-by-piece very soon. Thanks for your patience.
So long, and thank you for all the fish. (from Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy if you didn't catch that.)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cash or Charity - For Who Do You Squidoo?

If you had a chance to build a free website that produced a little bit of money, to who would you give the money to? Squidoo has the option to send your earnings to charity or to collect it for yourself. I'm curious if anyone chooses the charity option?

For me well I finally put some use to the Squidoo account that I've had to make a few lenses for myself. So far I made a free mmorpg - Metin 2 page, and a Team Fortress 2 page(yes I love my video games). While for people who've been making pages for a long time they might not be the best looking ones, but for me they are an accomplishment. Its also a nice way for me to practice building up my first landing pages, and seeing what works. Nice thing about Squidoo is that the formatting, or titles etc are already created so all you really need to do is provide the content. Which I should add is pretty easy to set up as they have modules that will let you easily embed YouTube videos, Flikr pictures, or even easy to make link voting link Plexos. They do allow you to place affiliate links there too, so I would say its a nice free place to test out new affiliate products without having to invest in a domain for landing pages.

Now there has been a lot of news regarding Squidoo, and how it has been penalized by Google. However it looks like they have cleaned up the spam sites to get back in the listings again. Listings don't seem as strong as they were before, but any traffic or back links is better than none in my opinion. What I feel will happen is that as long as Squidoo keeps the spammers out, and keep good content lenses in everyone's lenses will eventually benefit.

If you are feeling up to it try making a lens today at Squidoo.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Will Widget Bucks Replace Adsense?

Well I'm always for trying new things, but I am always skeptical about new things. So when I first heard about Widget Bucks I was very weary. I waited a few weeks to see how other people who have tried it. The reports are varied, but someone noted they made about $500 in a day, while other people who have 10k hits/day only made 22 cents. It depends on the type of site that you have (ie auction, book, gadget etc). There seem to be quit alot of people happy with the payout amount compared to Adsense.

My blog most likely won't get too many clicks since there is nothing in the Widget Buck list that has anything to do with making money online or with World of Warcraft, but I'll try it anyways. Also since this is a new advertising method there is so far no proof of payments yet. I'll be trolling the threads about more news regarding Widget BucksHowever the good news is if you sign up now you get $25 added to your account which is halfway till the first payout. If your interested feel free to click my referral link:

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Sparter's Commission Rate Doubles to 20% - Ouch

Here's the notification from Sparter:

Since launching earlier this year, Sparter has succeeded in transforming the landscape of trade in virtual goods. As a Sparter seller, you have been a key contributor to this success.

We have continually been making changes to meet the needs of our buyers and sellers. Just in the past month we have offered new market pricing charts, seller profile pages displaying your offers (with unique URLs), and alerts that allow buyers to 'subscribe' to their favorite sellers.

Today, we want to inform you of other changes we are making to Sparter - changes intended to allow us to stay competitive in attracting more buyers for your offers, and to keep Sparter the safest place to trade.

Effective November 1, 2007, Sparter's commission on completed trades will be 20%. In addition, disbursements will now be processed semi-monthly - sellers will be disbursed on the 15th and last day of each month, for sales credited in the previous period. For example, the proceeds from a sale credited on November 10 would be disbursed on November 30.

We are confident that these changes are necessary to allow Sparter to remain the easiest and safest place to trade virtual goods. We understand these changes will impact your business on Sparter, thus we are informing you now so that you may incorporate them into your plans for the future.

Thank you for using Sparter.

So I was under the impression that I was going to hoard my gold till the prices come up to sell them. Now I get an e-mail from Sparter stating that the commission rate is going up to a whopping 20% on each sale. So if I sell 1k gold at $50(the current market price), I would get only $40). While it might not seem like much, as I mentioned before I have about 10k gold meaning I would lose out about $100. Also payouts are now bi-monthly instead of nightly.

Now I'm trying to figure exactly what I should do. Sell what I got now or wait till afterwards. This move will probably make gold farming companies happy as player to player trades cut out the middle man. However in light of this news I kind of expect the prices to hit rock bottom as people try to sell their products before the big 20% commission rate kicks in. Or I can just sit, and wait and charge an extra 10% once the new rate kicks in. Decisions, decisions.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

World of Warcraft Character Was Bought for $10,000

No not my character, though I wish it were me. This news is a little old, but its about a character named Zeuzo from a guild called Method on Sylvanas(EU). After getting both pieces to make The Twin Blades of Azzinoth the account was sold to a person by the name of Shaks. Which was banned by blizzard very shortly afterwards. The story made BBC headlines back in September with an interview of some of the guild members. All I can say is wow, I'm happy making a bucks here and there, but thats a lot of money. It just goes to show you that the virtual economy is alive and well. As long as there are people willing to pay for other people's time to get items, there will always be a market to sell those items. I guess this is one reason I'm sticking to selling gold too since items are alot easier to track, especially ones that only a few people have out of the millions that play World of Warcraft.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Video Ads From Google and You Tube for Adsense Publishers

A few weeks ago I was reading about Google ads on YouTube. Looks like after a few weeks Google has now made it an option for people who have Google Adsense accounts. I found out about the update from the DP Forums in this thread. Also it looks like the story was in the NY times. Hopefully I can get an example shot below in this post today.

I put in key words for that recent Toyota World of Warcraft Commercial which is stirring up a lot of talk in the gaming world.

Post Edited: Looks like the test ad didn't show up, and only showing a link to YouTube. I added one to my Money News site here. Looks like it only pulls from some approved videos or YouTube Video publishers. Also the ad unit is quite large in my opinion. There is only 3 different sizes to choose from. I picked the middle size for the Money News site.

Whypark Day Day 30 - Adsense Revenue Slowing Down?

Well I have good news, and bad news about my Whypark trial site. The good news is that I now have about 800 pages indexed, with a little bit of extra traffic trickling in. More traffic means more chances for people to click on some ads, which also happened to be part of the good news.

However the bad news is that the revenue from each click has gone down significantly compared to September. I got worried about that, and checked around to find out that I wasn't alone. It seems like this month there are many people who are complaining or noticing a substantial drop in Adsense revenue. I have more clicks into this month from the site, but haven't even hit $1. Has anyone else noticed a decrease in Adsense revenue for this month as well? My sites are all too new to make any determination.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Auctioneer Guide for World of Warcraft

My regular job has been having me work alot lately so I haven't been pushing any products lately. However, while I've been looking around the web for something to write about, I came across a good Auctioneer Guide site. Free of ads, and pretty much sums up everything I would have written about the mod. I use this mod daily, and without it I probably would not be here blogging about making ridiculous amounts of gold in World of Warcraft.

A couple things I would add about Auctioneer is that it is a memory hog. If your computer is lagging already in the big towns like Orgrimmar I would either a) not install it or b) use it in a less populated auction house accessible city like Thunder Bluff/Darnassus. The mod stores useful data, and after a while the database gets fairly large causing it will slow your computer down eventually.

The second thing about the article is its download link. Like all programs to download from the internet, I would advise anyone to download the program from the original download site at I don't have anything against the link that was posted, but sometimes people add in their own malicious code when you download something from a 3rd party site. It also has a nice little donation page too if you are feeling generous, and like the work they do. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about this mod, I feel that I'm pretty confident about its use.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Its Official - I Made 10,000g Finally on World of Warcraft

Here's the screen shot folks. My second time around hitting the 10k gold mark (first time was back in April). I would have hit this yesterday if I had actually logged in, but I was feeling a little under the weather. Anyways my next goal will be to break 20k again. I'm still feeling a little under the weather today so I'm sorry, but I'll be logging without a gold making tip today.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

September Totals - 1 Month Anniversary - Link Lovin

I'm a few days behind, but Money News - My Financial History just hit one months old. While I didn't do as well as I'd hope, I did learn a lot of new things, and I am finding quite a bit of interesting things to read.

September Totals: $23.65
  • CashCrate: $20.45 (check is on its way so I'll take of pic of it when it gets here)
Also some thanks to Shai for motivation since I started the Whypark site to Just make money online. Now that I've tried that I'll try some other projects. I happened to stumble upon Mike's Money Making Mission, which eventually add my stuff to Zimbio to try as well as add a bunch of new blog directories for some traffic. I hope to make enough money to atleast be able to work from home like Amy eventually.

My goals for October? Well if the WoW gold market doesn't go back up then I'll try to hit 20k gold again by the end of October (approximately worth $1-1.5k). I'm about halfway there, and should make 10k gold sometime this week from just playing less than an hour a day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

World of Warcraft Gold Tip #2 - 7 Days to Riches

If you've been keeping track of my Sparter earnings for September you've probably noticed that it hasn't moved last month. Like I mentioned in before that the average price per 1000g was down to $50. I'm just playing it like a stock market, and waiting for the prices to go back up. If you want to see Warcraft gold price trends Sparter has a very nice stock market like gold trend graph. Hopefully the prices go back up sometime soon so I can cash in some more.

As I wait for the prices to go back up again here's another gold making freebie. Rightfully dubbed 'Time is of the Essence'. This tip is for people who use the auction house a lot.

If you haven't already noticed, real life coincides greatly with what happens in the game. If you've participated in raids then you have felt the crunch of school/work then go home raid/sleep. People who watch the auction carefully also pick up on patterns in the market, and I'll break it down into the seven days of the week. The World of Warcraft week starts on Tuesday also known as the reset or patch day.

Tuesday - Raid Instance Reset, Patch Day, PVP Arena Armor

This is one of the bigger auction house days for me as a jewel crafter. The PVP players get their nice brand new PVP gear that they earned from arena points today, which means they'll need nice shiny +12 stam gems @ 50-60g a pop. Other items that sell well is Enchanting & Enchanting materials. Check the Auction House (AH) for good deals before today (even buy it out Monday), and sell it to people who need them on Tuesday.
Raiders also go into instances on this day getting new armors as well. Over all this is a good day for the following professions:
  1. Jewelcrafters - New armor means new gems they need to socket with
  2. Enchanters - New armor/weapons means they'll need enchants
  3. Leatherworkers - people want Cobrahide Leg Armor or Clefthide Leg Armor and the materials to make them
  4. Alchemists - last minute raid consumables sell well, as well as end of the night restocking
  5. Tailors - Mystic Spellthread and Silver Spellthread and the materials for them sell well
  6. Herbalists - Herbs for the better selling consumables will sell. Look up materials for health/mana potions, Major Agility Elixirs, and Flasks to narrow down what to gather.
  7. Engineer - Used to do well for repair bots... Not since Burning Crusade though.
  • Buy up cheap materials today - There will be left over short bids on items if it was a patch day. Bid on items that you can resell later or pick up cheaper materials by bidding instead of buying out. The longer the patch the better chance to pick up an item for cheaper. The best day for this is Monday the night before a major patch.
Wednesday - Raid Day #2

There's no significant day about this one except that many guilds will have a second raid day on Wednesdays. Also a few stragglers will pick up their pvp gear today. The above items sell sell okay, but not as much as Tuesday.

Thursday - Raid Day #3 - Auction House items depleted somewhat

Many guilds either skip Thursday to break or continue raiding. Some will break off to do pvp or instances or start farming consumables for raids. What do you do on this day?
  • Mark up your items a little more - By this day in the week the items on the AH is a little depleted. You can mark up your items a little more, but keep the number of items on the AH lesser. You won't move as much items today, but you can get higher prices for them. Consumables for raids do so-so today as people start restocking for the Friday/Saturday raid groups.
Friday - Raid or Get a life day

Friday is the end of the real life work week, and also the end of the school week. You'll see people you don't see during the week due to 'busy life' etc starting to show up. AH items start off selling at a good price early Friday, but the prices start dropping as more and more people log in to start their play time for the weekend. The player base basically splits into two groups today. The hard core raiders will raid, and the people who want to have some sort of life outside of World of Warcraft will go out.

  • Watch for good deals on the AH - the price wars start today on auction house items. You're Thursday auction items will probably get sold at a good price, but don't count on it today.
  • Good day for raiding consumables, but watch the bid/buyout prices.
  • Professions people do so-so today, but usually better off on Sunday.
Saturday - Raid or Get a life day 2 - Farmers Galore - Barren Chat Day 1

Saturday is many people's day off so you'll see people struggling to farm gold/materials, run instances, pvp for pvp honor bonuses. Auction house prices tend to dive on Saturday as the supply is pretty good on gathered items. Crafted items, depending on server populations, can do well here. If you have a rare or uncommon profession recipe, and is logged on today you can sometimes monopolize the market. Server is usually crowded all day, and well the annoying Barrens chat fills up the trade channel so that sitting there announcing your wares is kind of moot.

  • Check the Auction House for good deals on materials that can resold later in the week for profit
  • Check rare or harder to make craftables on the Auction House, as some regulars won't be on to put them up. If you're the only one putting them up today then feel free to mark it up and profit.
Sunday - Raid Day Commences - Pvp Holiday continues - Big Auction House Day #2

Sunday is my second biggest Auction house day, and I'm not sure why. Here are my speculations though based on what I sell:

  • Leftover enchant/gemming needed - some people just can't find the stuff they need on Saturday so that demand is still there Sunday.
  • Late night sessions - People play till late in the night Saturday so they just log off without restocking or enchanting/gemming their stuff
  • Pvp Honor gear - I notice alot of stamina gems selling today, probably due to people playing all day Saturday to collect honor for the Veteran/Warlord Pvp sets.
Sunday becomes a good day for crafting. For gatherers, there is alot of surplus herbs, and ore today so unless you need the cash I'd wait till later in the week to sell gathered items. Sunday also is a day that many people will start raiding again so you see many people with new raid armor needing enchants/kits/gems.

Monday - Careful of what you put up on AH - Leftover weekend surplus - last minute raid/pvp day

Monday is the day many guilds will try to finish up a raid instance, or people try to put in the 10 games for the pvp arena points. Its relatively quite with alot of surplus supplies from the weekend still flooding the market. Its a good day to buy stuff to resell on Tuesday-Thursday.

I put a big Careful up top for a good reason. Tuesday is sometimes a BIG patch day. What does this mean for Auction House people? Make sure your minimum bids are set higher than normal or to something you can accept as a sell price. If the server goes out for 12 hours, the last person who bid 10g on your 100g item will win it for 10g during the server down time. This is why I stress to be careful on what you put up today.

  • Monday is also one of the best days to low ball bid everything hoping to win those expensive items that other people put up. Only bid on stuff you know you can resell later though.
  • Setup your Tuesday gem/armor kits/enchanting materials Monday night to get the first dibs on people who buy on Tuesday. Check back on Tuesday to adjust your sell prices if someone came in and underbid you on something your trying to sell.

Long post, but if you want to make money on the Auction House in World of Warcraft, this is one of the more important things to learn early on. As for how I'm doing on my gold? Its been about 13 days since my last post, and I'm at almost 9k gold, hopefully prices go back up so that I don't have 30k gold sitting in my bank again.