Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Flooding the Warcraft Gold Market Some More

Yup, right now if you go to Sparter to buy gold the average price for 1000g on my server is about $50. Sucks for me since I usually get to sell it for more. So now my question is should I sell my gold not or just sit back and stock up until the prices go back up. I'm averaging about 300g/day just logging in for about 20-30 minutes for the days that I DO log in to check my auction house sales. For right now I think I'm just going to wait till the next wave of gold farmers get banned for me to sell my stuff. Yes I know its ironic for me to wait for people to get banned when I'm selling gold which can get me banned from the game eventually. =)

Anyways a week or so ago I said I was going to create a landing page for World of Warcraft gold guide. So far I've been getting some hits to it, but no actual sales. I think I'm going to rethink or rework the page or maybe tryout one of the other Clickbank guides to sell if this one doesn't do well. If I'm really going to make it from gamer to making a living online I need to get the affiliate marketing thing down. So if anyone has got some tips to share with me please feel free to drop me a note.

Back to World of Warcraft though. I guess I can give a freebie on how I make this amount of gold. Currently I'm alt tabbed out of the game waiting for my mail to finish up opening up. In the 12 minutes I've been online I have collected 1125g from yesterday's sales. Nice huh?
You can ignore that earned/hr part since I was only logged in for 12 minutes or so.

Everyday I earn gold via the auction house. My character is a 375 Jewelcrafter with most of the recipes. What I basically buyout the whole auction house of Adamantite Ore to prospect, and then resell the gems (blue and green). Two useful mods that you will probably need is Auctioneer, and CT Mailmod.

Check the prices of all the blue quality gems on the auction house. That way you can figure out what price you need to buy the ore at. (average on my server is 12g for Talasite up to 55g for Star of Elune). On my server this comes out to about 20g/stack of Adamantite ore.

Prospect all the ore that I get, and vendor the dust (I don't have time to make it into mercurial stuff)

Cut and sell all the gems and list them on the Auction House at cheaper than what everyone else sells it for. Auctioneer will let you put up multiple items with ease and speed. Also it will also calculate the price so you can beat everyone Else's price on there. Very handy, and otherwise it would be too time consuming to do this method without the mod. Best selling gem is Solid Star or Elune followed by Glowing Nightseye, and Runed Living Ruby.

That's it, that's all I do. Thought it was going to be hard? I have a few other tricks up my sleeve to make gold, but this is by far the most efficient for me. Drawback to this is its huge start up cost (around 7k to get 375 JC with all the recipes). As time goes on I'll post some other ways to make gold easily on the game. Anyways that's all for now I've got gems to cut.


ecodelearner218 said...

wow that's impressive. I'm a miner/blacksmith but I only use mining for making gold. I'm not much of a farmer so I kind of go in spurts . When I do mine, I can easily make several hundred gold in a couple of hours worth of farming, especially if I farm for some of the middle-level ores or if I'm on at an odd hour.

Anyway, I'm curious to know what other tactics you do. Also, how in god's name have you made so much money on sparter? I've made more money selling gold outside of sparter and selling directly to wow gold vendors. Tips would be greatly appreciated.

Great blog by the way.

- Mitch - said...

ecodelearner - I too having mining on one of my characters, but I don't use it. I just make the gold I have on the Auction House. I'll continue posting what I know about making gold on my blog as soon as I can get it organized into readable form =).

I used to sell to WoW gold vendors, but the price paid was ridiculously low. Sometimes the offers were like $15/1000g. On Sparter I was earning $75/1000g so I didn't need to make as much or spend as much time making the gold. I only needed about 23k with various rates to get to my total earnings on Sparter. Recently prices have dropped on Sparter as well though, but I think rate is much better.

And thank you for reading =)