Thursday, September 6, 2007

Click Bank Woes, and World of Warcraft Haunting Me Still

Well I've been fiddling around with Click Bank, and trying out the Google Adwords method to try for sales. However its not going soo well. I think I need to spend a little more time researching products to sell instead of jumping straight in thinking I'll make some quick money back. I do admit though that jumping into the Adwords/Affliate method is some good education for me though I wish I read up a little more first. I was able to grasp the concept of getting those cheap 4 cent clicks in a few days, getting nice 8% click through rates on the keywords I selected. However the products I picked showed no success. Whats the newbie affiliate PPC lessons I learned from all this?

  • Landing page is everything - You can bring in millions of people via an advertisement, but if the page you bring them to doesn't sell then all that targeted traffic is wasted.
  • You don't need to be the #1 - My click through rates with the highest % was actually in the #7-8 position. People who are shopping online will browse different choices instead of buying the first thing they see. However your product/page better be pretty convincing since this customer is comparing you to the other 6 people he/she has already seen.
  • Use Different Tracking codes - Check out which ad is giving you the best click rates. Test different ads with different codes to get the most efficient sets for each keyword group.
  • Product research - If your serious about selling something try and get an evaluation copy or buy the product. Is this something you would use? How about your friends or family? If the answer is no then rethink about marketing it.
  • Set a reasonable budget - Test the waters out, and don't set an excessive budget right off the bat. You're trying to optimize your ads, and see if the product your marketing is going to be returning some dough. If you don't see any sales after the first 100-200 clicks then you might want to check out whats up.
There is a lot more I picked up from all of this, but if you are new to affiliate marketing go do some homework first before you get started. A good place to start would be the Digital Point Forums. They have a lot of information that you can read up on before you get started about pay per click advertising, Adwords, Clickbank, etc. If you're new to forum browsing, find the search button first =). Anyways I'll be spending the next couple weeks looking through the Clickbank marketplace for products to try and sell.

In the mean time I've resorted back to spending about an hour a day on World of Warcraft earning some gold to go and sell on Sparter again. I guess I can't pass up the $10-20/hr for playing 7 hours a week. At least until I can find a good product on Clickbank to market. One point of advice someone brought up to me is that I should market something that I have some knowledge of, or experience with. I guess I'll try out a WoW gold making review campaign this week, and report back in with how I did.