Monday, September 17, 2007

Cashcrate Review - Not Much Yet But it Helps

So I have been procrastinating about writing some articles up, and making a landing page to advertise some Clickbank products. I don't know something about writing an official article compared to just blogging just makes it seem harder. Anyways in the midst of trying to figure out what to write the article about I revisited CashCrate. After the horrible experience of signing up for MediaDollarz, I was very reluctant to join another get paid to complete offers site.

This time I made myself ready for the incoming spam though. I created a new account at Hotmail, and used it to sign up with CashCrate. After filling in some details about myself, I found my way to the offers section. This was nicely separated into a cash or point offer section which is sortable by payout amounts as well as 100% free only. Thats the section I chose my offers from, and well after about an hour of filling out applications my balance was a nice pending amount of $11.50. Two of which I are now confirmed as I write this post (so $1.00 confirmed 10.50 pending). I guess this gives me something to do if I'm not working on anything. It also gives me something to add on to the income earned section on my blog finally.

A note for anyone new to these paid to complete offer sites. When completing an offer in CashCrate DON'T click on yes for information regarding other surveys etc. What you will eventually realize is that many of the offers themselves will try to sign you up for offers which are already offered within CashCrate.

Last of all if you try it out, and like the service refer your friends to it for extra money! For every person you refer to CashCrate that reaches the $10 payout mark you get $3. While this program won't make you rich, it passes the time when you're bored at home rather profitably.


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