Sunday, September 30, 2007

Whypark Day 19 - Type of Searches I'm Ranked Top In

Its day 19 of the Whypark trial, and I've been checking out Google's webmaster tools to see what type of searches my site ranks in. Also including from Statcounter what type of keywords are showing up to get to my site.

So after 19 days of being indexed

Rank 9: problems filling your car with gas
Rank 10: succession plans private equity
Rank 30: what to do when your girlfriend is broke and needs money

Interesting searches, and I have to note that I'm not sure how they are related to the keywords I put in. I also want to point out that the money that the Adsense revenue shows different keywords from Statcounter.

Rank Search

how much money do car dealers make

how much should a dealer come off msrp
#7 much will it cost

talentdrive scam

promoting your grocery store

do i replace the whole toilet

key to a successful entrepreneurial venture

Please note that these results are from using articles that are pretty broad. If one were to setup a niche site with targeted keywords, you would definitely do better with the Click Through Rate(CTR) on the ads. I'm not complaining though so far with what little traffic I've gotten Its been averaging around 3-4% CTR.

I'm not sure how your parked domain is doing, but if these stats sound better that what your making from sedo/namedrive etc try out Whypark for yourself and see the difference.