Thursday, September 20, 2007

CashCrate Payout Reached $10.45

Just an update on CashCrate. I joined CashCrate on 9/17/07, and well 3 days later after filling out free offers, and joining different programs I hit the minimum $10 for the payout. $10.45 cents to be exact. They requested my telephone number for verification. Lets see if I get a check next month mailed in to me. I'm still waiting for for more offers to clear pending since I have another $29.55 there. I guess what I really should put up on the side there is how much I actually got confirmed from these companies instead of the pending amounts. I'll fix that today.


Anonymous said...

Read about it at
They never put the pending through for much. Your lucky if you get 1/4th of what you make.