Tuesday, September 4, 2007

MediaDollarz Review

Here goes the first trial in making money online that I have gotten to so far. Unfortunately for me it was not a very good experience. After seeing some good reviews about MediaDollarz.com I decided to try them out. Its a program similar to CashCrate in which you fill out surveys or apply for promotional offers to get money. The good points that brought me there from other people's reviews was that you could get your money within 24hrs via pay pal. However the first thing upon signing up was the message stating that due to recent activities the payouts have now been changed to monthly.

Well maybe they are just having a tough month with program abusers. So thinking nothing of this I went on to verify my cell phone. This is a required step to so that you are able to withdraw your earnings via Paypal. Once I entered my number I was promptly called by an automated message server which gave me my verification number. I entered this in, and so far still no verification e-mail, however my paypal withdraw area is no longer grayed out. So assuming the best of it I go on to the member offers area to start earning some money!

The members area is easy to navigate with filters for different categories (free offers, technology, trials, etc). I checked in under free offers, and looked up the section $4+ free offers! Easy pickings I thought to myself as I browsed through some of the offers. Some of the offers returned up to $45 dollars, BUT those are the ones that you have to shell out your own money first, and stay subscribed. As I didn't want to order satellite feeds or purchase weight loss products (even though I might need it), I clicked the ignore button to search through other offers. After sifting through the $4+ I found that I didn't want to sign up for anything in the $4 or even $3 dollar range (though people who want a new credit card may get one).

I moved on to the $2+ free offers range, and started seeing some things I might be able to get some money on. free survey service sign ups. Hurray I can make some cash!. So I signed up with one offer which had me go through, and fill in a 5 minute looping survey that kept asking me if I wanted to sign up for other survey sites about 6 times in a row. 6 minutes later after saying "No I don't have Diabetes" for the 10th time I get to the end of the survey only to find out my time has been wasted. To finish the survey I needed to sign up for a silver, gold and 2 platinum offers to complete. All of which costs money AND are products that I'm pretty sure I clicked 'NO' to in the previous 6 minutes of my life. Seeing no way to complete the survey without spending my own money I closed my browser, and went back to the Mediadollarz member page to find another offer. (maybe just my bad luck, and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt)

Anyways 50 minutes later, after a couple similar survey links, dead links, and dozens of satellite dish offers, foreclosure offers, psychic reading offers I finally found another lead. This one wasn't as spam filled as the other one, and the survey actually ended with only 1 e-mail. I thought I'd end the night on a good note, and logged off to check in to see how much credit I was going to get filling in various items for about an hour.

Next day came by, and I checked my account. I still have earned a whopping $0.00. I've read a couple reviews saying that Cashcrate paid out a little better than MediaDollarz. One of the places I read had done a review on CashCrate saying he made "$3.50/hour". Well the other reviews were right, $3.50/hour is definitely more than $0.00/hour.

Sorry for the long winded post, but a little annoyed at how little I got back for the amount of effort I put in(not to mention amount of spam e-mail I got). If you are looking to make some money online, I would look elsewhere.


David Price said...

Yeah--I'm not too fond of MediaDollarz either. I have no clue why there are so many good reviews of it online. Then again, probably 90% of those reviews are hardly genuine and are more akin to calls for potential affiliates to sign up under the author(s) of the reviews.

One program I really love, and would recommend if you want to make a quick 10-15 dollars, is cashlagoon. Not sure you've heard of it but its at www.cashlagoon.com

The offers are mostly 'instant' (to a few mins) in terms of crediting. I've made probably a good 60 bucks for very little time spent. Its really the only GPT program I think is completely legit.


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