Saturday, December 8, 2007

WoW Commercial: Jean-Claude Van Damn Plays a Mage

Yup first the Mr. T Warcraft commercial, and William Shatner. Now we got Jean-Cleade Van Damme entering the scene. So without much further ado here is the commercial, and oh yea, its in French only.

What's he saying? Here's the translated transcript from an ign blog.

“My name is Jean-Claude Van Damme… and I am a mage.”

“Hand-to-hand combat for me: it's over!”

“Now I can cast powerful spells!”

“Just try messing with me… I’ll turn you into a sheep.”

“A sheep!”

“…Because we all are a bit like sheep, you know...”

“I am Jean-Claude Van Damme, I am a mage.

“And you?”

"What’s your game?"

Looks like Blizzard is advertising to Europe's World of Warcraft gamers with this one. They also released a Guillermo 'Willy' Toledo Paladin commercial. I've never heard of the guy either, but I guess he's a popular Spaniard romance movie guy. That would explain the night elf wooing him in the commercial.

Update 12/18: Mini-Me is also a mage. Check post here.


HART (1-800-HART) said...

Wow. First William Shatner, then Jean Claude Van Damme (not damn) ...

Do you think this "World of Warcraft" will every take off and be popular?

- Mitch - said...

Definitely. With 9.3 million world wide subscribers it is already the game to play in the Role Playing Game niche.