Friday, December 7, 2007

Does Starting Out Small Mean You'll Never Grow to be Great?

I was surfing the net, and stumbled across this page on Doshdosh about a CashCrate Review. With the check Maki got a whopping $5.28(picture is still hosted on a free image server). This got me thinking that everyone who starts out needs to start from somewhere. Back in 2006, it seems like Maki was doing quite a bit of reviews on Get-Paid-To websites, until moving onto the internet marketing niche which seems to be more of the focus nowadays.

What's the point of this post, your probably asking. I was just looking for a little bit of inspiration I guess. Knowing that another person who is currently successful in gathering a large audience also started out by doing programs like CashCrate is always enlightening. Especially if the first CashCrate check I got was bigger. It just means that I need to work harder, try out more programs, and find new things to do.

Its also good to know that people can change around or maybe change the focus of what their blog's talk about over the course of time. Its nice to know that blogs or the topic of blogs can evolve at the same time that the writer grows and matures. Sometimes for worse, but most of the time for the better. Who knows what I'll be writing about a year from today. Will I still be logged into World of Warcraft making gold to sell? Will my blog still be about me making money online?

Are you a blogger that is just starting out? What plans do you have a year from now? What inspires you or what makes you keep going?


Menopauseprincess said...

I know what you mean, it's definitely encouraging to see that stuff. As the old saying goes: "If someone else did it then you can do it too!"

Beth said...

I've been blogging for over 5 years, and it's just been within the last year and a half that I started to make money from it. My drive to succeed comes from deep within. I'm competitive and know I have what it takes to make money online. But I'm not the type of person to brag or step on others. The key is community. BE what a blogger was meant to be-part of a unique community.


numb2k3 said...

I really like doshdosh because all the content there are well written, its really nice to know that someone who is already established started out doing the stuff we are doing now.