Friday, December 21, 2007

Took a While, but I Finally Hit 20,000 World of Warcraft Gold

It took a little longer than I thought to reach this next goal, but I finally managed to reach 20,000 gold again in World of Warcraft. Real life work has me burnt out by the time I get home so I don't even log in for the 30-45 minutes daily to rack this amount up.

The Season 3 patch was quite a big sales day which raised the World of Warcraft auction house prices by quite a bit. The prices of some items have still not come back down since that patch was released, so that's great for people playing the auction houses. With school/college out there will be more people playing, so a greater demand of goods to be sold this winter break.

Back at the end of October I had hit 14,000 before Sparter increased its commissions. I was thinking with the commission rates doubling to 20% the gold rates would go back up to compensate. However if you look at this widget below you'll notice, that the Warcraft gold to dollar rate has been steadily decreasing. You can click on the full graph link to see a larger version of this graph.

So after hitting this amount, I decided to drop my rates to try to move some of this WoW gold inventory before the year's up. I hopefully plan to move about half of it, so roughly 10k. Maybe I'll pick up a Nintendo Wii or something for my kid before the new years.

With Blizzard releasing the expansion Wrath of the Lich King, and even more levels/quests. The price per 1,000 gold is just going to drop more so I'll need to cash out while the rates are still high. Its either that or buy some friends their epic mounts for Xmas.

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Tim said...

Holy crap man, that's a lot of gold!

I used to play this game pre-expansion, and the max I ever had was like 300, and I played a lot!

Well I hope you make a lot from this sale :) Good luck!