Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ScratchBack - Tip The Blogger, Get a Link Back

Back at the beginning of October after I read a TechCrunch article about it, I had put up a widget on my side back called Scratchback. Since at the time I was preparing for my Cozumel trip, I had completely forgotten to write up a post about it. Better late than never I guess eh?

What is Scratchback?

Its an online tipping system that gives back to the tippers by allowing a publisher to “give back” links or images in return.

Isn't selling links bad? Won't I get penalized by Google?

Notably, the system has been approved by Google (they checked) as every link is “nofollow” and the widgets are built in javascript; this is a product that provides an alternative advertising model that won’t see publishers punished in future Google crackdowns.

What kind of templates are available?

There are quite a few different colors, but it seems like you can't customize them fully by setting your own bgcolor.

Does it cost me anything to sign-up?

No it doesn't, and you can actually make some money if someone gives you a tip.

Do I have to let someones link on my site if I don't like the contents?

You are under no obligation to show or approve any listing you find questionable for ANY reason. There are no refunds either. Your readers are tipping you for your efforts.

How Do I Get Paid?

Payments for earnings are ONLY paid through PayPal. If you don't have a valid, working PayPal account, you shouldn't use Scratchback as a publisher because you won't ever get paid. In the future we may add alternative payment methods so stayed tuned. Payments are made at the end of a thirty-day cycle. It can take up to 15 days to remit payment to your PayPal account at the end of each cycle. Publishers must earn at least $25 to initiate payment.
Note: Current payout is set at $10 according to this updated post.

How Much Do I Charge For My Top Spot?

Totally up to you (minimum $1.00). We suggest you set your pricing for tips based on your own perceived value of your website or blog. Mine is currently set at a bargain price of $1 until it fills up. I'll raise the price after the 10 slots are filled.

Does ScratchBack charge a fee or commission?

Yes, after Paypal fees they collect 10%, and give you 90% of the tip now. This is a lot better than the 50% they first opened up the program. The change was noted here in this post.

Okay I signed up for Scratchback how can I let people know I have the widget?

There is a blog post here that you can comment on. There is also a Scratchback user directory which has free listing.

I hope that takes care of any questions regarding Scratchback. Did I do a good job? You could always Scratch my back. =) Like I said earlier, for a limited time I will put tip cost at $1.00 until it fills up, after that I'll think about raising the tip jar.