Thursday, November 8, 2007

And Away We Go - I'll Be Back

I head out to Texas, and Mexico today so I won't be posting anything for a little while. I will be back home before Thanksgiving though so stop on by or subscribe to my feed so you know when I'm back. Have a safe and happy Veteran's day weekend while I'm out.

While I'm not trying to sound like a certain governor, I have just to say it. "I'll be back".


Alan said...

Welcome home Mitch! I've tagged you with a meme

Alan said...

try to sail through the work day and have a great trip. talk to you when you get back

lessca01 said...

Your site has been reviewed by the radical blogger = you can see the results here:

It may take several hours for the front page article to appear. You review however has been published.

Shawn Lim said...

Nice and cool pic to use.
I'm Shawn from The Millionaire Secrets.

I've fav you in Technorati.
Keep it going~!