Saturday, November 24, 2007

Update For World of Warcraft Tip For Leatherworkers

I just wanted to update my free tips for the poor WoW leatherworker post. Seems like there are many people wanting to know more about a particular product called Heavy Knothide Armor Kit that was released with the recent WoW patch 2.3.

Heavy Knothide Armor Kit

What is it?
Permanently increase the Stamina of an item worn on the head, chest, shoulders, legs, hands or feet by 10. Only usable on items level 60 and above.

Where can Leatherworkers learn it?
In Lower City Shattrah, from the Master Leatherworking Trainer Damari at location 67,
67(The southeast part of the city map near the exit into Terrokar Forest.

Who makes it?
Leatherworkers with 350 or greater skill.

What does it take to make one?
It takes three Heavy Knothide Leathers.

How many skills ups can I get from it?
Heavy Knothide Armor kits are Yellow from 350-354, Green 355-364, and go Grey at 365.

Can I make gold selling it?
Definitely, I make more gold selling these than selling the Heavy Knothide Leather on the auction house by themselves.

I hope this answers many of the questions that people seem to be searching for regarding Heavy Knothide Armor Kits.