Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Contest - Would You Do With $25?

$25 dollars doesn't do much now a days. It can't get you a pizza delivered to your house in Maui. It can't buy you a full tank of gas (unless your driving a moped). So why am I asking this question? Shai at JMMO is running a contest for $25. So this post is my entry ticket to the contest. By the way if you haven't read my free blog traffic tips, you'll find that holding contests are a great linkbaiting method to gain back links as well as exposure for your blog.

Anyways back to the subject matter on what I would do with $25. Since my blog is still rather new, I would use it to gather some exposure. What would be the best way to get some exposure for $25 though. I could:

Purchase a link for this website

With all the Google Page Rank penalties being sent out recently about paid links though I don't think I'll go with this one. Also sidebar or sponsored posts don't really do great for traffic unless its from a very high traffic source anyways. I wouldn't be able to purchase a good spot for $25 so nope.

Use Adwords or other Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising.

While this might be a great way to bring in targeted traffic, I would rather spend PPC money to a landing page that sells a product over just sending to my website. I guess this one won't work for me either.

Buy a gift for Shoemoney

Yup, its decided. I'll use my Cafe Press account for once, and make a T-shirt with my site on it for his Free T-Shirt Friday promotion. I think in my position this would probably be the best bet, since it'll get a link from a high PR site, and hopefully some traffic. Worth a shot right?

So what would you do with $25?

Interested in participating in the contest? Read the post here for the entry rules. Its free so why not. If you don't want to make a blog post, you can leave a comment with your answer to participate as well.


Shai said...

Thanks for sharing this! Good luck with the contest! A shirt sounds good. :-)

- Mitch - said...

Thanks holding the contest Shai it was fun =)