Monday, November 26, 2007

RssHugger Some Lovin For Your Feed

Last month I mentioned that I was going to try to add myself to more directories to generate visitors for this blog. On my list was to submit my blog to directories which bring me back to the subject of this post. RssHugger. What is RssHugger?

Lets take a look at their about page.
"rssHugger is a unique website that aims to bring bloggers and readers together. rssHugger aims to provide blog owners with a unique easy-to-use way to promote their blogs by sending them traffic, building backlinks for search engine optimization, as well as attracting new rss subscribers if the content is interesting to the reader."

Why should I join now?

Its FREE now, previously rssHugger was a pay to join directory. (you may still join by paying $20 if you wish to skip the write a post about rssHugger part of application, and receive a manual review).
What are the benefits to me as a blogger?

  • Raise awareness of your blog
  • Send tons of visitors to your blog
  • Share traffic with the community
  • Be part of a viral/buzz marketing campaign
  • Build deep-links for your blog posts to help with search engine optimization
  • Get new interested RSS subscribers who view your content on a regular basis.

  • Besides just a directory how does it help get me more traffic?

    The more visitors you send to your rssHugger page, the higher you will rank on the Top 100 page. To keep everyone on an even playing field, the Top 100 blogs page resets everyone back to zero on the 1st of every month. This will allow those that actively participate or promote their page on rssHugger to receive much more promotion in return.

    How does one send visitors to their rssHugger page?

    Your page has the following address:

    For example my page there would is:

    So if you go to my page you raise monthly votes by 1, which will then hopefully raise me up a rank or two in the listings.

    A free service that gives you backlinks to your posts, and more exposure for your blog. If you think that's a good deal, sign up with rssHugger now.