Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What Type of Salesperson Are You?

Its nice to be home after a trip out of the country, even if it was only for a brief period of time. I learned quite a bit visiting the tourist town of Cozumel. The atmosphere, and weather is almost identical to that of Maui where I live. Nice cool breeze, beautiful water, sunshine, and even the slight drizzles in the morning. The people were a little different. Back here on Maui we don't have very many shop owners out on the street hawking their wares. The idea of haggling over a price also isn't something that we're not really used to.

It struck me then that there were a lot different types of people about in the streets, and I couldn't help but to start grouping them into categories while dodging them in the side streets.

The go getters - These were the almost too friendly salesperson that would always walk up to each, and every passerby with a smile, and warm welcome. Announcing clearly what they had in the stores for sale, or what were the unique items that were available here. It didn't matter if they were trying to sell you a diamond or a used rug. They always showed that happy face, and politely wished you back as I passed along. I usually enjoyed their welcomes, and they were never rude. I usually made a point to stop by on my way back for their efforts.

The arrogant shopkeeper - These were spotted more abundantly closer to the port. Some were welcoming, but others not as much. Each of them had an air of arrogance about them. They stood by nice clean shops in a good location, but that was about it. It was almost as if the attitude of "This is my store, I found a good location so you have to buy something". They almost expected people to walk in to their stores just because it was there, and almost always sniffed at you when you left the store without purchasing anything. They also never wanted to haggle over any of their over priced items either. The very same items that could be bought around the corner for half the price.

The I'm just here for a job type - These were spotted throughout the town in front of the stores. It seemed like they were only there doing nothing, because their supervisors weren't. They had pamphlets to hand out, but rarely showed them. Some just bowed or grinned if you actually walked into or out of the store. They were just there to show up for work, pay the bills, and go home. Unless what they were selling was of any interest to me I quickly picked up my pace, and moved on to the next store.

The too good to be true salesperson - This one is as friendly as the go getters, but with a slight twist. They wanted to offer you everything, even so far as making up things just to get you into the store. While amusing at first, and fun to chat with even, they were the most obnoxious of the bunch as they would lead you into a store even if you didn't want to. While I most likely won't be coming back for a long time anyways, its salespeople like these that make me walk on the other side of the street to avoid them.

The ghost - What used to the part of the bustling business street, now has a few cobwebs hanging in the corners. It looks like this store has seen better days, but for the most part is now neglected. Visitors pass by, and some even look around to ask about a certain piece of merchandise, but the shopkeeper is nowhere to be seen. Sad, but even the nicest of stores with the friendliest of people will still shut down if continued this way.

The easy money cart - Lured by promises of riches these are working hard out in the hot sun trying to earn that promised commission. However their demeanors change throughout the day, starting from a happy go getter, to a arrogant salesperson later in the day as the sales don't come easily. They are trying to sell the same merchandise as every other store, but end up haggling down to the lowest price just to break even. Sometime they may just take a break, and become a ghost as the confidence to succeed has been sapped from them.

The quiet shopkeeper - These are run by a shy owner, but with nicely kept merchandise. They could probably make more money if they were to speak up, and talk to their customers. These have nice locations like the arrogant shopkeepers, but they let the customers browse as they feel like it. Out of all the types of people running various stores, these are my favorite ones to visit. Since the atmosphere is laid back, I can walk around without any pressure. I usually end up buying something for myself, if not just to make the shopkeeper happy for letting me have what I came here to do in the first place. To relax, and enjoy my stay.

Throughout the streets there was a myriad of little shops, and friendly faces. There were some people that fit the description of more than a few of the above listed categories. It also reminded me of how much like the internet these people all are. Out here in the open I could see the personalities, and could imagine what their stores would be like if they were an online store.

What type of personality do you fall under?