Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tag Your It - 7 Things About Me Meme

Just when I thought I had everything ready for my trip I get tagged by a meme from Shai @ Just Make Money Online. Well if its one thing I can resist its games so here we go, and the game name is "7 Things About Me That You Might not Know". I haven't done one of these before, and I'm a little late on sending out some link love this month so I'll mix the two together! Ha the lazy game-a-holic procrastinator still wins! I also need to make a mental note to add to the list of things to do to increase traffic to your website. Also just because your blog is - for business only, doesn't mean that you can't change it topic around a little to fit the blog like Shai did in her meme. I don't have a very descriptive about me section so maybe this info will fill in some gaps for some people.

7 Things About Me That You Might not Know - Well here goes nothing.
  1. I play video games ALOT - While you probably know that I play video games, you don't know to what extent I do so. Xfire keeps track of how many game hours you play if you have the messenger program running, and here's a glimpse at my World of Warcraft playtime: 2,115 hours. Whew I'm a Gameaholic for sure, and that's just the hours that the xfire logged. I used to turn the xfire off most of the time that I play to avoid interruptions.
  2. Being bi rocks, bilingual that is - Growing up in Hawaii, but with one parent from Japan I did get to learn how to speak Japanese fluently. Only thing that sucks is having half your family halfway across the globe.
  3. Playing with lenses is bad - Well this is a good a place as any to place confessions. So to my family, remember when our front yard looked like someone applied the scorched earth tactic to it? Well that was me playing with ants, and a magnifying glass. Note to kids, don't try to burn an ant with a lens while its on dry tinder.
  4. I'm Greek don't ya know - Not in blood, but in spirit at least. Delta Tau Delta was my fraternity of choice, mainly because I wanted to be around the friend's I made. While I won't become as famous as Drew Carey (another Delt member), hopefully I'll atleast be known around the blogosphere.
  5. Maui born & raised - Yup locally grown, and cultivated this variety of Mitch has been sheltered here on the island of Maui for almost 30 years. The species isn't know to wander too far away from the island, but has been spotted in some areas of Tokyo or Chicago for brief periods of time.
  6. Anime Daisuki - I'm not an Otaku, but I do love my animations. Anything from cartoons, but mostly Japanese animations are my favorite. Current items being watched are Bleach, Clannad, Naruto, Bamboo Blade, and Dragonaut. One can never grow too old for anime.
  7. It's a boy! - Yup I'm a father of a very overly energetic, rascally little five year old. He's also very smart. How do I know this? The son-of-a-Mitch managed to bring a wheelbarrow full of dirt into the house every day, with no wheelbarrow or shovel. Just the with the undersides of his small four inch feet. I have yet to figure this one out.
Now the hard part who to tag with this meme. I did say that I was also going to basically make this my November's linkages. Here's some people I've met recently over on Blogcatalog thats been fun to chat with in the forums, and also some people kind enough to send me traffic so here is my thank you. =)

Lex @ Parisukat
Alan @ The Thin Red Line
Megha @ Life in Black and White
JoanJoyce @ JoanJoyce
Joanne @ The Laid Back Buddhist - Good Luck on the 2007 weblog awards btw
Ritu @ Work n Play
Andy @ Andy Beard - That Greasemonkey solution for trackbacks is definitely easier to use than Haloscan. Thanks for the tip!


Joanne said...

Hey Mitch! Yup, I'll do this meme...I'm a bit backlogged, but I'll add your tag to the list on my sidebar! =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mitch,
Thanks for tagging me.Though it appears simple, but since I write a personal blog, finding out 7 things which my readers yet don't know about me is going to be a real tricky.
Let's enjoy the meme fun,I'll be posting on the same soon.

- Mitch - said...

Thanks a bunch to both of you =)

Lex said...

Yo Mitch done with theis meme but you can check it out. *winkz* thanks for tagging me, TAG ME again next time!

- Mitch - said...

Always late I am to these new web games. Don't worry I'll get you sooner or later hehe.

Alan said...

I am adding you to my sidebar. I DO appreciate the thought even though I Really didn't want to do 7 things about me

- Mitch - said...

Meme's aren't mandatory, but I found it an interesting way for me to be able to link out some people since I normally wouldn't be able to as part of a regular post. Anyways, I'm as usual posting/commenting when I SHOULD be getting my work done. lol

Shai Coggins said...

Cool. Thanks for playing. Nice info. Have fun during your trip!