Monday, December 3, 2007

WhyPark Update - Paying $100 For Templates

Some news from the WhyPark Creator Craig this month. Also if you are a website developer here is an opportunity for you too.

We Want to Buy Your Templates

A common request from WhyPark users is "add more templates!" We are planning on continually adding more templates, but would like to reach out to our user base first. If you've developed or would like to develop new templates for WhyPark and we think your template will be a good fit for other WhyPark users, we'll pay you $100 for each template we use. To submit your template for consideration, please do the following:

  • Reply to this message or email craig @ with the links to your custom templates in action on WhyPark
  • Your template must be unique that you developed and have the right to use and sell (you will be required to sign a short release form)
  • We are looking for templates that can be used across a wide variety of domains and subjects.
  • If your template is accepted, we will pay you $100 by PayPal and will add your template to our gallery for all users to use and enjoy!
Server Improvements

We are constantly monitoring our servers for uptime and capacity. We are in the process of making several upgrades to our network for improved server capacity and to help display your sites quicker and more reliably. We will send you an email notice if there is any planned downtime related to these upgrades.

Upcoming Additions

We have a number of new projects in the works right now and plan on releasing a number of new features in the first months of 2008. Watch for integrated statistics, tools to help import and manage your domains, shared revenue opportunities, and subscription and managed services.

Quick WhyPark Tip

The best performing WhyPark sites tend to be niche sites with focused keywords. Rather than using very general terms to get a large number of articles on your site, try using more focused, niche terms. The result will be a smaller site, but very focused on one theme. This will help search engines and visitors see your site as an authority on the subject.