Friday, December 21, 2007

Whypark Down? No Just Upgrading Check Your E-mail

FYI for those of you using Whypark, check the latest e-mail from Craig regarding Friday's server upgrade. The upgrade is due to them purchasing space on some new data centers, and high end servers. This should hopefully help with the occasional time outs on the sitemap validation check you see in the Google Webmasters section. From the e-mail:

We are migrating to a new data center with new, upgraded servers and more bandwidth. The Domain Manager will be offline on Friday, December 21st, 2007 from 7:30am - 9:30am EST. Your sites will remain online during this migration.

If you use our nameservers ( and you will not need to do anything. If you manage your own DNS, please change your A Record to after 7:30am EST on Friday. Sites will still resolve to the current IP address for several days to provide time for propagation. We apologize for the inconvenience to those managing their own DNS.

Just a friendly reminder so you don't lose revenue due to your Whypark sites being down if you didn't use their nameservers. My Whypark trial results are here in case you got here via Google searching for a Whypark review. Craig if you read this you need to set up an updates section over at I get all your visitors for people searching for 'Whypark news'. Not that I'm complaining of course, but it might be helpful for your users too. Happy domaining.

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Craig Rowe said...

I am reading and keep up to speed on your results. We have a full new site coming out in the first quarter of 2008. We're also going to be working toward really connecting with our customers through member forums, webinars, live chat and blogs. I'll keep you posted! Enjoy the traffic for WhyPark news though. You're doing a great job.

- Mitch - said...

Thank you for the updates Craig, and thanks for stopping by the site. It would be great to be able to interact with other users, exchange tips etc. Looking forward to hearing more about it.