Monday, December 10, 2007

World of Warcraft For Russians

Well good news for all the Russians that are currently playing on European or west coast US servers. World of Warcraft is coming to your home town. Blizzard just released a press located here announces the fifth translated version of the game.

Now why is it the the French are involved with this again? First the Van Damme commercial, and now the Russian version press release? Will the Lich King expansion come out for the French first too? What gives Blizzard, I shall fart in your general direction for not even letting putting that info up on the US Wacraft site.

Anyways in other WoW News for the US. The first week of contests winners for Warcraft's 3 year anniversary was announced here.


turtie said...

Do people have time to play both WoW and DotA?

- Mitch - said...

I make time for both =). Though I just log into WoW to make gold via AH now a days.