Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Get Free Traffic From EntreCard

Well I first heard about this program from Shoemoney's post a while back when I was off visiting Mexico, and I promptly forgot about it. Recently there has been a few posts up about it which reminded me that I was looking to install the widget back then. So I went ahead and put the widget up on Monday. If you already use Entrecard feel free to drop off your card. I'm kind of bummed that Shoemoney already took it off his site though, but other high traffic sites like Problogger, and John Chow still have it on their sites.

Here is a quick 30 second YouTube video from Shoemoney about the program:

Its pretty easy to sign up for it, and the widget is javascript so you won't have to worry about Google getting on your case.

Now the first thing that needs to be done after you get your widget up is to go out can drop your Entrecard off to other people with the widget. The Entrecard website has a nice little directory to browse through. This way you can gain credits by dropping off your card to other users.

Now I came across a funny post as I was surfing through other Entrecard users. Toni thought she could game the system by writing a script to drop off the cards for her, now as resourceful as that was she was caught pretty fast with all the points she'd gotten removed. Atleast its nice to know that the new program has fail safes in place from people trying to game the system.

Another thing about this program is that you can send your credits to someone else if your not using them. I found out about this feature from another BlogCatalog user Clyde who was nice enough to send me points to buy some ads. Its also letting people make some nice link bait articles with Entrecard points as the rewards too.

So far after having the widget on for about a day I've gotten about 30 or more hits from it. I went to visit about a hundred or more sites to drop off my cards, and bought some ads from various people. I have to maybe earn another hundred or so if I want to have enough credits to get on the number one sites though. Theres a few days wait time on alot of the ads so I'll need to post a follow up report later on maybe in about a week or two.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up at Entrecard, and get drop your internet business card of to show people who you are.