Wednesday, December 19, 2007

16 Free Blog Reviews to Raise Your Presence and Authority

Update: Please go to my new domain for an updated free blog review list.

No I'm not doing blog reviews, and I don't think I ever will. Regardless of how much money you can make via doing blog reviews via Review Me, Smorty or other venues. I won't even mention the name of one, due to the fact that some people got hit with a Page Rank penalty for even mentioning their company. I'm not one to give professional advice on how a site should look or what it should change. However there are a good amount of sites that do all this, and currently for free. Some may require a link back others not. Check out their other reviews to see if its right for you.

While the best way to get your site linked to is to write quality content. Sometimes you want that extra exposure or specific keyword to rank in.

These sites are sorted by their current page rank.

PR 4 - Untwisted Vortex
PR 4 - Blogsweluv
PR 3 - Free Blog Reviews
PR 3 - Blog A Day - Link back required
PR 3 - Our Blog Review
PR 0 - Siyab's Blog
PR 0 - Shh I'm Blogging
PR 0 - The Weblog Review
PR 0 - OpTempo
PR 0 - Looking For Scoop - Definitely check other reviews first
PR 0 - Darn Good Reviews
PR 0 - Blogging Ads - Registration required
PR 0 - Cikgu Azleen - Link back required
PR 0 - Blog Sonar - Write your own review
PR 0 - The Review Jerk - Webmaster related sites only
PR 0 - The Review Bunker

If you do free blog reviews, please feel free to add your site to the list by leaving a comment.

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Muhammad Siyab said...

thanks for mentioning my blog!(Siyab's Blog)

- Mitch - said...

Your welcome =)

Tish said...

Thanks for the link to BlogsWeLuv! :) You should stop by and participate in our 10 question interview!

Have a great night!

- Mitch - said...

Your welcome Tish, I think I may do just that hopefully next week after I get my Wordpress domain up, and running.

RT Cunningham said...

You might want to fix Untwisted Vortex now. I'm back to a PR of 4.