Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today's Winner - Also What's up With Alexa Today? Google PR Update Incoming?

Anyone know whats going on with the Alexa ratings lately? I've been running about the same traffic for the last two weeks or so, but yesterday my daily Alexa rank dropped to 69,000. Today I'm sitting at about 89,000, like I said all with the same amount of traffic. This makes me wonder how many people with the Alexa tool bars does it actually take to break the top 100,000 level. Apparently less than 150 visitors a day, because that was yesterday's visitor count.

When I was receiving closer to 300 visitors a day earlier this month posting about the Van Dame commercial, the rating didn't even show up in the top 100k. I guess the people who play World of Warcraft don't use the Alexa bar that much, and many of the Entrecard users do.

Also there's been some worry over at the Digital Point forums regarding Google de-indexing many sites. One thread I read had their site traffic drop from 50k - 20kday. Many of these same threads popped up back in September about a month before Google updated its Page ranks. Is this the start of Google getting ready to do the PR updates again? I wonder how many PR complaints we'll see this time around. Like I've mentioned before I don't like to pay too much attention on getting PR. Especially when the Whypark test site received a higher PR than my blog did. Page rank has no relation to traffic. Although now when I move this blog to the domain name I'll get a higher PR rating thanks to Whypark. So that's a good thing right?

Enough rambling for today, let's get on with the winners for the Entrecard contest. I sound like a broken record now, but just reminding everyone to drop off your cards for more entries daily. And leave a comment in the contest post that you did so I can give you credit for it.

Of all the times playing World of Warcraft, and rolling for loot I hated rolling 1 out of 100s. This time its a good thing hrmm? Congrats to Movie Cat for winning today's drawing. I'll be sending you the credits shortly after this post. Please confirm that you have received them from me. Grand Prize drawing is up in 2 more days so get your entries in while you still can.

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Patricia said...

As I have a fairly new blog, I know nothing about Alexa ranking and Google's PR. With everything I've been reading lately, including your post, not really sure as to what I should be worried about. You have a lot of great links within your post, and I am very curious about the Entrecard that you discussed. Your contest sounded interesting too. You've made me want to go check it out. Thanks.

benhurjun said...

Ok. I don't play warcraft and there's too much internet gobbledygook I do not understand. Sorry I think I'm still illiterate in this regard. But i can tell for sure that you have a way with words. Man, you can write! So even if this post I am replying to does not make much sense to me, I am posting this message ok?

So Happy Holidays my friend and may your days be filled with love, kindness and compassion that will last the next Christmas season. Merry Christmas!

Moviecat said...

Have a good Holiday and thanks for the Contest winnings!