Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sweet I Earned Money From Squidoo

Remember back in October I wrote about making two pages on Squidoo? Well I just wanted to post an update since I logged in recently just to check how things have been going with those pages.

I had a nice big rush of traffic from Google at the beginning since it was a newly created page, and then the SERP went down slowly no visitors a day after about two weeks or so. That's the Google engine for you, giving new engines good ranking for a day or so after release. Then sticking it into the infamous sandbox. I don't blame them though, the site only has nine back links so I'm still surprised that its even getting hits at the moment.

Anyways it looks like Yahoo finally indexed the page recently, and I'm seeing a steady steam of visitors daily from that search engine now for the keyword free 3d mmorpg. The other one I have for Team Fortress due to all the clan sites, and gaming site promotions isn't fairing well. This stream of people looks like its also pushing the Squidoo rankings back up as well. At its peak in October my Metin 2 site had around a 1400 ranking. This was just from being indexed in Google initially. Until recently I think the site has been sitting in the 25,000th position, but climbing back thanks to Yahoo Search to a currently around 9k. On Google for that term I don't even show up in the top 50. On Yahoo my site shows up as #4. How you like them Apples now?

Since Squidoo does the payments about a month out I finally get to see what type of money comes in from just having two pages. (well I'm just going to count one since the Team Fortress page doesn't bring in anything).

A nice sum of [drum roll please]: $2.07

Not bad, for a single page with only 9 backlinks, most of that being my own blog with the rest from my re-syndicated on some splog or rss sites. I think its especially good when the top earning lenses only earn about $10 from Squidoo.(they earn the rest via affiliate advertising) I think I should go back an maybe change a few things on that web page to help it out. And Yes there is an affiliate link on the site for the Metin 2 page I made on Squidoo. Also even if not many people visit the site, I've had 363 clicks outgoing clicks logged. Meaning this is a great free site to get pre-sell visitors to your affiliate links. I'll have to take a look at this site again to make some landing pages for more Clickbank offers I think. Its definitely cheaper than paying for 300 clicks via Adwords.

If you haven't made a Squidoo lens yet, sign up for one. At the very least to create a nice back link to your website for keywords on Yahoo, that you can't quite rank well on Google with.


joanjoyce said...

thanks for the info ;)

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