Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cash or Charity - For Who Do You Squidoo?

If you had a chance to build a free website that produced a little bit of money, to who would you give the money to? Squidoo has the option to send your earnings to charity or to collect it for yourself. I'm curious if anyone chooses the charity option?

For me well I finally put some use to the Squidoo account that I've had to make a few lenses for myself. So far I made a free mmorpg - Metin 2 page, and a Team Fortress 2 page(yes I love my video games). While for people who've been making pages for a long time they might not be the best looking ones, but for me they are an accomplishment. Its also a nice way for me to practice building up my first landing pages, and seeing what works. Nice thing about Squidoo is that the formatting, or titles etc are already created so all you really need to do is provide the content. Which I should add is pretty easy to set up as they have modules that will let you easily embed YouTube videos, Flikr pictures, or even easy to make link voting link Plexos. They do allow you to place affiliate links there too, so I would say its a nice free place to test out new affiliate products without having to invest in a domain for landing pages.

Now there has been a lot of news regarding Squidoo, and how it has been penalized by Google. However it looks like they have cleaned up the spam sites to get back in the listings again. Listings don't seem as strong as they were before, but any traffic or back links is better than none in my opinion. What I feel will happen is that as long as Squidoo keeps the spammers out, and keep good content lenses in everyone's lenses will eventually benefit.

If you are feeling up to it try making a lens today at Squidoo.