Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yieldbuild to Help Adsense Users Increase Their Earnings

Techcrunch recently posted an article about a new program that is still in beta called YieldBuild. What is it exactly? Its a computer algorithm to "automatically optimize your site’s ad spots with the most profitable combination of ad layout, style, and network". Also the program isn't just for Adsense users, but includes people who advertise via Yahoo Publisher Network, and Ebay adContext accounts as well.

How does this relate to me making money online? Basically its the lazy man's advertising network, and needless to say an idea that I absolutely love. This program itself would give bloggers or other webmasters, who are still new to advertising placements, the ability to monetize their sites better. It also allows webmasters who don't update their layouts often a little change of scenery in ad placements. The idea is that as your readers get used to your ad placements, your ad revenue goes down as they learn to skip over your ads without reading them anymore. With changing of placements they claim to be able to increase your epm by 50-100%(this percentage based on beta trials at Hubpages).

One concern of mine which I did leave a comment about was the part of faq that states that it takes the YieldBuild algorithm about 100,000 impressions to train it. That is an awful lot of page impressions for many webmasters, especially new ones like mine.

Now whats the catch of this program? I'll tell you now. "YieldBuild is free to try for 30 days. After 30 days, YieldBuild’s share is 3% of impressions. You can stop at any time." If you are interested in participating in the beta program go ahead, and visit their website Let me know what you think about it if you do use it so we can get some feedback about their product.


The Money Moose said...

A clever business model - seems everyone these days is using Adsense and thus [obviously] everyone wants to make money from it. If I hear some positive reviews on it I might try it out myself for the trial period.

APP Funds said...

I wonder if really works.