Thursday, October 11, 2007

Video Ads From Google and You Tube for Adsense Publishers

A few weeks ago I was reading about Google ads on YouTube. Looks like after a few weeks Google has now made it an option for people who have Google Adsense accounts. I found out about the update from the DP Forums in this thread. Also it looks like the story was in the NY times. Hopefully I can get an example shot below in this post today.

I put in key words for that recent Toyota World of Warcraft Commercial which is stirring up a lot of talk in the gaming world.

Post Edited: Looks like the test ad didn't show up, and only showing a link to YouTube. I added one to my Money News site here. Looks like it only pulls from some approved videos or YouTube Video publishers. Also the ad unit is quite large in my opinion. There is only 3 different sizes to choose from. I picked the middle size for the Money News site.