Sunday, October 28, 2007

My CashCrate Check Arrived - And My Camera Broke

It seems like lately every time I have good news, I also have bad news to share. I should rename my blog the yin/yang effect or something. Anyways my first check from CashCrate has just arrived so I WAS going to take a picture of it. Until I found out that my camera no longer works. So I'm sending a picture that I took from my camera phone, which btw is also on its last leg.

I'll just be borrowing the camera from work to take a full size picture of the check next time. The total check amount was for 20.25, which was about the same as the total on my September Earnings. I guess this will going towards my buying another @%!% camera fund. Anyways if your new to CashCrate, you can check out my other CashCrate review posts.


Ginene said...

I love cashcrate too! I got my first check of $41.57. I am trying to get more referrals. How are you doing with it?