Friday, December 21, 2007

I Just Realized That I Can't Count - Day 4 Contest Winner - Entrecard Meme

It seems like I've become too dependent upon using a calculator that I can't do simple additions in my head anymore. Anyways for those of you who didn't catch my error, my contest started on a Tuesday, and ends Tuesday. This means the I was actually 8 running contest days for a total of 1,100 points not 1,000. So that's good news for the contest participants. The winner of which I'll announce shortly.

Hectic day today at the office, so I'll be jumbling everything today in one big post.

It looks like there is an Entrecard meme going about now. I had first heard about it while returning a dropped card from Buzz Bop. I left a comment there joking about how long it was going to take before I get hit with it. Low and behold a few hours later I get tagged by that very meme from Alan. I found it funny that Colin also had that same experience happen to him the day before it looks like.

Alan didn't post the instructions so I'll pull them from the Buzz Bop post that I saw it on.

Entrecard Meme Instructions

With the full realization that these Entrecard meme instructions are being read by some of the most brain-fogged, weary net travelers known to mankind, I am going to keep this VERY, VERY simple. Btw, I say “brain-fogged” for the fact that ever since Entrecard “dropped” onto the scene, it’s a fair bet that each of us is seeing, at least, 2-3 times more blogs per day than usual. I would even venture 5-10 times more.

So Here They Are, The Simple Entrecard Meme Instructions

  1. Read these instructions twice;
  2. Drop your EntreCard at this site;
  3. Drop your EntreCard at the 5 EntreCard users’ sites listed below;
  4. Choose 5 other EntreCard users;
  5. Copy these instructions to your own Entrecard meme article and tag (link) those 5 people;
  6. Include a link to the Entrecard meme article of the person who tagged you;
  7. Link to the original article “Sam Freedom’s Drop Squad - the First Entrecard Meme Known to Bloggers“;
  8. Notify the people you choose that they’ve been tagged;
  9. Comment below so even passers-by can drop their card at your site, too (it shows you are active and will likely return the favor)
  10. (optional) IF you tag your blogs , use both “entrecard” and “entrecard meme” as tags so that others can find them AND so that we can find them all later as this grows. (If you don’t know what tagging is, don’t worry.)

Hard part now is finding people I know that haven't already been tagged with the meme already. So I'll tag some recent contest subscribers as my prey.

Buzz Bop - I'm going to put the blame on you for this meme so you get a tag =).

Abhijeet @ Life is Colorful - You're the winner of today's Entrecard Contest so I'm going to also tag you with this meme as well. Please verify that you get the credits after I finish posting this.

Clyde @ The World As We Know It -

The two lucky or unlucky people who got tagged from this are:

The 30 Day Man - Slightly Mordant

I hope you guys are enjoying this contest as much as I am. I'm getting quite a bit of card drops every day, and finding new/interesting sites to read from. It still perplexes me though that out of the 70 people who stop by to drop off cards, only a few people actually want to enter the contest. They've already done the requirement, but haven't left a comment.

Here is the screen shot from the random draw today in case anyone was wondering. Now back to the office I go!

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Life is Colourful said...

Hey cool man, I just received Entrecard 100 credits! I appreciate! and thanks for the link love as well.

Sam Freedom said...

Hey, very nicely done and kudos to you for grabbing the instructions and doing it right... best wishes using Entrecard!