Sunday, September 2, 2007

Welcome to My Money News

Blogger sure has improved since the last time I have used it some 5 years ago. I was able to get this thing setup in a few minutes. Originally I was going to link this to my site Money News to try and give it a little more traffic, but I had put the site onto domain parking so I can't add a subdomain anymore. Just a quick introduction to who I am, and why I'm putting up a blog.

My name is Mitch from the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Born and raised here, and well rather bored since all we got is beaches, oceans, and alot of tourists. I'm a father, a whole sale sales person, and an avid video gamer. I'm starting up this blog as a means to try and stop wasting my time gaming, and start earning some extra cash online. So as the very first thing for me to do to get myself out of a game, that I have been playing for the past 4 odd years I've decided to sell my World of Warcraft (WoW) gold.

Playing a game for 4 years lets you amass quite a bit of fortunes. You do hear of people successfully making money even while playing (Forbes Article). Anyways my goal was to liquidate my items in the game. As it happens that very week I decided to do this, Slashdot posted up an article about a player to player site called Sparter where I could sell my gold. The last 2 months have been me slowly liquidating my WoW gold into cold hard cash. So for anyone who says gaming doesn't pay. You can check out how much I made from it on the side there.

Only downside to Sparter is that they will charge you 10% on each sale you make. However you are able to set your own prices to compensate. You don't need to spam forums or have to accept a cheap price from one of the many WoW gold sites that only give you half or 1/4 value of what your product is worth. Payment system on sparter is very nice. Sparter will act as an escrow for the 2 players. All buyers must pay ahead of time, and sellers will get their money from sparter once the transactions are done. My preferred payment is paypal, and sparter pays out nightly(24hr after a confirmed delivery) even on weekends.

I'll be keeping track of my earnings from different things from now on so wish me luck on my project. =)