Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why Park? Cause Domain Parking is Slow Enough Already

Tired of your unused domains collecting pennies a month? Try out Whypark. Unlike the traditional domain parking you're actually allowed to send traffic to your domain. Link building, article marketing etc. I would not recommend buying traffic though since all it does is increase visitors from china/middle east that stare at the screen for 7 seconds that never click on anything(I tried it and checked with Google Analytics 100visitors, 0 clicks, 100% bounce rate woo!). With Whypark you don't share you revenue, your in control of what content you put on there. Even the way it looks with custom css layouts etc. Whypark adds relevant articles which basically makes it show up on the search engines so that you have targeted traffic coming to your sites from places like Google/yahoo/Msn. You can apply for Google Adsense as well as set up text link ads once you get your page setup.

Why this post about Whypark? Well I have to admit I started looking into making some money online after I read an article somewhere about some cyber squatter making a couple thousand dollars off of a domain name. I thought, hey I can think of something to sell. Anyways a few days later I checked around, and found out that most domains were already taken. This left only a handful of names that were short, and some of them not even pronounceable or extremely long names that nobody would ever think to type in. So when I found that MoneyNe.ws wasn't taken yet, I though hey I can use this its the whole phrase with just a period I was pretty stoked. Only later did I find out that domain hacks as this one was called aren't really valued much for resale unless they were really good. Anyways I'm not giving up on it yet. Maybe someone will come by, and think of it as pretty interesting as the world's Internet addresses start getting all used up.

In the mean time I heard about one of the features of GoDaddy which is Domain Cash Parking. I thought hey, this time I'll just park my domain, and make some money that way. Only to find out parked domains don't make that much money since you aren't allowed to advertise or build traffic to it. So the thought of slowly making a few cents a day from parking for doing nothing at all didn't really sound like a good idea to me. I also tried Sedo.com, and Namedrive.com. I stumbled across another domain parking method called Whypark. This option seemed a little better for me so I'm trying it out now. After about a week or two the site is finally indexed in Google today.

So today is day 1 in the Whypark/Adsense test. I'll keep track of how that comes along. If you've got a list of domains, but skeptical about the $100 bucks for 100 domains price send me an e-mail so I can maybe set up a test account.


Akhtar said...

is google happy to allow whypark domains displaying adsense?

- Mitch - said...

There's been numerous inquiries on the Adsense forums about it since 2006. However no Google rep has ever responded. The only feeback is from non-Google reps stating that as long as the content itself isn't against the Terms of service it should be okay.