Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blogger Choice Awards Nominations

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!
Its one more month till 2008, and the Blogger's Choice Awards are starting up their nominations. The 2007 winners are announced here. If you know of a good blog that you think should win, use this page to nominate someone. If you are already nominated you can get one of these nifty little badges for your site, as well as a nice free PR 6 link back to your blog. There are different categories that you can enter, and it seems like you can enter in more than one category at once, so if your site is a humor/celebrity blog you can get nominated for both.

Now while some people have no qualms about people nominating themselves. It might seem weird to others so if you have a blog that you want nominated, drop me a note in my comments, and I'll volunteer to nominate your sites for you. Don't worry, it seems like many of last year's winners were nominated by themselves. Oh yea, don't forget to vote for me too, I'm currently at #11 out of the three thousand entrants so far for Best Blog About Stuff for 2008!